ReviveRX is the New York compounding pharmacy that does much more for you and your customers than other compounding pharmacies typically do. That’s why you’ll want to choose us for custom medication compounding in New York. We lead the industry in wellness, restorative medicine, and health, and we use state-of-the-art technology in everything we do. ReviveRX is the leading choice among New York compounding pharmacists because we make convenience, reliability, and safety our top priorities all the time.

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Why You Should Make ReviveRX Your New York Compounding Pharmacy

  • The pharmacy enrollment process with ReviveRX is simple and streamlined to get you on board with us as soon as possible.
  • Patient enrollment is just as easy. All people need to do is send ReviveRX a text and our customer service representatives will contact them as soon as possible. It’s that quick!
  • We do custom medication compounding in New York at low, affordable prices for your customers.
  • Our reputation for excellence in licensed outsourced compounding in New York is based on always doing more for you and your customers. We work closely with pharmacists, medical professionals, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide the best-compounded medications available.
  • We ensure that shipping and tracking our compounded medications is never a problem for patients with free and low-cost options. We do two-day shipping by mail. ReviveRX will also send tracking information to your customers’ smartphones.
  • We are a full-service pharmacy in addition to being a compounding pharmacy.
  • ReviveRX has customer service, patient counseling, and support through our call center.
  • We have a physician dashboard to simplify everything.