ReviveRx Pharmacy is a Sterile / Non-Sterile Compounding Pharmacy offering a broad range of sterile and non-sterile compounded medications designed specifically for you.
In addition to compounding ReviveRx is full service pharmacy offering low cost commercially manufactured generic pharmaceuticals mailed directly to your door.


We’ve been around the block and back again, and have discovered a better way to provide a more fulfilling pharmacy experience than billing insurance. We offer low cost compounded medications at prices often lower than your copay mailed straight to your door.

interested in becoming a patient

Pharmacy enrollment is extremely easy,
Call : 888-689-2271 and our friendly pharmacy staff will get you taken care of.

Caught up in the hustle, and can’t find time to call? Easy! Shoot us a Text: 281-623-1414 “I would like to become a patient,” and our pharmacy team will text you right back.

packaging & shipping

Sleek and discreet packaging designed and delivered fast to your door/mailbox.

Free and Low-Cost shipping solutions Tracking Details Texted to your Smart Phone