ReviveRX is the premier compounding pharmacy for your patients’ specific needs. Innovative, affordable, compounded medicines delivered to your door.

Compounding medications allows patients to receive a custom formulation of their prescription that fit a unique need that cannot be met with commercially available products.

Special flavorings, unique dosage forms, innovative delivery methods – these tools and more let compounding pharmacies fill a gap in health care through customized solutions for specific patient needs.

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Examples of why compounding is necessary:

  • A child may need a liquid form of a drug that is only available in adult tablet form.
  • A person may be allergic to one of the ingredients in the commercial version of a drug.
  • Shortages of certain drugs may last from months to years. Compounding pharmacies are being looked to on a larger scale to address drug manufacturing problems.

Compounding pharmacies team up with doctors and their patients to provide a unique treatment option when commercially available products do not fit the treatment protocol.

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