Pharmacists usually want to help as many people as they can. For some patients, taking mainstream medications isn’t possible, but they need the benefits. Working with our Pennsylvania compounding pharmacy enables your pharmacy to receive the custom medications that can meet the needs of those patients.

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Benefits of Partnering with Us for Custom Medication Compounding in Pennsylvania

A small change to mainstream medications is sometimes all that a patient needs. Our compounding pharmacy can make changes, such as creating a formula that takes out a substance to which a patient is sensitive or compounding a smaller dosage than what’s usually available.

When you work with ReviveRX for custom medication compounding in Pennsylvania, you and your patients are receiving medications from a reputable and dependable compounding pharmacy. We strive to provide each patient with the formulations they need as quickly as possible.

We offer many benefits that you and your patients can appreciate when you partner with ReviveRX:

  • A physician dashboard that’s easy to use
  • Compounding that meets all Pennsylvania regulations for safety
  • Direct two-day shipping right to each patient’s address
  • A call center to provide help or answer questions
  • Cash payment options so we can serve more patients
  • An experienced team working on custom compounding that puts patient safety first

ReviveRX is ready to partner with your pharmacy to provide patients with the medications they need. Contact our Pennsylvania compounding pharmacy by using the convenient online form or via email at You can also contact our Pennsylvania compounding pharmacists by calling us at 888-689-2271. Our friendly professionals are ready to help you right away.