Low libido (sex drive) can affect men and women of any age. It can be caused by any number of physical, psychological, hormonal and other reasons. Doctors are increasingly choosing to prescribe compounding low libido medications rather than ready-made pharmaceuticals for their patients. By partnering with a libido therapy compounding pharmacy like ReviveRX, traditional pharmacies can provide a valuable service to their customers who would like the option of a compounded medication.

Low libido medication compounding can be an effective way to provide treatment for patients who require a lower or higher dose than is available from pharmaceutical manufacturers, those who have allergies to ready-made low libido pharmaceuticals or are on other medications that may interact badly with other drugs or hormone therapies. Some people receive the greatest benefit from a unique combination of ingredients that can treat multiple symptoms. They may need their treatment in a cream or other form not made by a pharmaceutical company.

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Why Make ReviveRX Your Compounding Pharmacy?

In addition to being a premier male libido enhancement pharmacy, our licensed pharmacists formulate a wide range of compounded prescription medications at affordable prices. We also offer:

  • Cash pay option for those not using insurance
  • Two-day shipping (in discreet packaging) directly to customers’ homes
  • A free app that lets customers handle all of their prescription needs on their phone or tablet
  • A 24/7 customer support line staffed by experienced team members ready to address questions, including questions about Medicare Part D
  • A wide selection of nutritional supplements, vitamins and other over-the-counter health and wellness treatments
  • A physician dashboard for real-time order tracking and visibility
  • Services to help patients organize and keep track of multiple medications

And more. Our libido therapy compounding pharmacy can help you maximize convenience, privacy and safety for your customers.