Pharmacists around the United States rely on the quality work of ReviveRX as a trusted Florida compounding pharmacy. We’re a licensed pharmacy providing health, wellness and restorative medicine for patients. We offer a cost-effective solution to customized medicine so that you may outsource some of your pharmacy needs.

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Why Use Our Licensed Outsourced Compounding in Florida?

Many pharmacies in the United States do not offer compounded drugs and, instead, depend on ReviveRX for this important service. We offer 2-day shipping on prescriptions! Here are some of the reasons pharmacies outsource to us:

  • The prescription dosage for babies is often too small for commercial drugs.
  • Taking several pills together would create a problem for the patient.
  • It’s necessary to avoid possible allergens in the readily available options.
  • The medication is not commercially available.
  • The use is for other than the FDA-approved treatment and, thus, the dosage is adjusted.

These are excellent reasons to rely upon ReviveRX to accurately and safely fill your custom prescriptions!

Other Advantages of Our Florida Compounding Pharmacy

We offer many advantages as qualified Florida compounding pharmacists. We utilize best in class industry technology to optimize your treatment. Here are some additional advantages of using ReviveRX for compounded medication:

  • Fast and affordable delivery
  • Low price guarantee
  • Acceptance of FSH / HSA
  • Text us your refill requests
  • 24/7 patient support
  • Multi-state licensed
  • Physician dashboard for order tracking

ReviveRX is the dependable choice for quality custom medication compounding in Florida when your customers need medication outside the scope of what is commercially available.